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Porsche Macan

An off-road adventure in the new Porsche Macan


Porsche Centre Chester recently invited 18 customers to an off-road experience in the brand new Macan.

Customers were invited to the Centre, where they were greeted by the friendly team and offered refreshments, before embarking on the journey to the dedicated off-road facility, Motor Safari, in the new Macan.

Upon arrival at Motor Safari, guests were given a quick briefing before taking the Macan off-road. The experience included many driving challenges across multiple terrains, including deep mud, steep banks and a lake. The off-road abilities of the Macan were put to the test and guests thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

After the success of multiple off-roading events with the Porsche Cayenne over the last couple of years, the team at Porsche Centre Chester were delighted to offer the experience with the new Macan. Just like the Cayenne, this model certainly proved itself to be more than comfortable both on and off-road and has surpassed expectations.

Please email the team or call 0151 373 4899 to find out more about the Porsche Macan.