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Taycan charging

Charging your Taycan


The Porsche Taycan is the first fully-electric sportscar in the Porsche model range, and one of the most frequent questions we are asked at Porsche Centre Chester is “how does the charging work”?

The Taycan comes with charging ports on both sides of the car, both of which use AC charging - the most common way of charging the car.  Whilst the AC charger means that your Taycan will be charged more slowly, this type of charger is found in more locations and is also generally found on home chargers. The passenger side charging port also supports DC charging - this is a much more rapid charge.  

To charge, park your Taycan and open the relevant charging door and insert the charging plug into the port; the ring at the side of the port will glow white when this is done correctly. This will then change from white to green to show charging has started. The screen will indicate how long it will take to fully charge, and the current percentage of charge available in the car.

The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect comes with each Taycan which enables you to charge from a standard UK wall socket and/or a 32A industrial socket.  Whilst this will charge your car, it will be slow, so we would always recommend that you have a home charger installed. Porsche has partnered with Andersen EV as our recommended home charger provider.

The Andersen EV charging unit is customisable and you are able to choose a colour to blend the box in with its surroundings, and there is also a convenient cable recess built into the unit that hides the charging cable away from sight.

Charging your Taycan can take varied amounts of time depending on the type of charger being used (AC/DC), the rating of the charger, how much charge your Taycan currently has and which battery pack your vehicle has fitted.

Contact our team of Porsche Pros at Porsche Centre Chester by email or call 0151 373 4899 for more information on the Taycan.