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Would you benefit from a Porsche Masterclass?


Buying a Porsche is all about the experience. From the moment you step into our Centre, our team endeavour to make sure your journey with us is as special as possible.

When choosing a Porsche, we want to assist you with any questions that you may have throughout the process to ensure that you are choosing the most perfect Porsche for you.

During your vehicle handover, your dedicated Sales Executive will run through all of the car’s controls as well as being there to answer any of your queries before you take the car home. As part of your Porsche experience, we also offer all of our customers the opportunity to come back to the Centre for a second handover, also known as a Porsche Masterclass.

It can sometimes take a few days or weeks to get used to driving a new car, and sometimes there may be something that you are unsure about or struggling to get the hang of.  For instance, it can be anything from being a little unsure about how Car Connect works, how to set up an address in your sat nav or you might be struggling with programming your electric seats for instance.  We want you to know that at Porsche Centre Chester, we have a team of ‘Porsche Pros’ available to help you with any of your queries.

Whilst currently due to social distancing we are unable to offer you a second handover or Porsche Masterclass within the Centre itself, we would welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions via email or telephone . We can also provide you with short personalised videos which can demonstrate particular areas in your vehicle which you may be struggling with.

Our team of Porsche Pros at the Centre are equipped with all of the knowledge to help you to get the best experience from your Porsche.

To speak with one of our Porsche Pros, please call the Centre on 0151 373 4899 or email us at info@porschechester.co.uk