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On behalf of our Centre, Carl Hazelton, Centre Principal competed in the Porsche Club Championship where he finished 8th in 2018 and then 9th in 2019. 

After two years of competing, Carl and our race team looked forward to another season in 2020, however due to the unforeseen circumstances of last year, reluctantly we decided to take a year out. This pause in action was where Carl was introduced to the world of sim racing. 

Sim racing has always been a competitive business, but 2020 was where it really became a lot more mainstream, in particular for those that were having to cancel real-world racing events. For Carl, sim racing has become one of his favourite hobbies, and this year, alongside his actual racing, he has also been competing in the Porsche Club Sim Championship, in a car branded up identically to our very own race car from the Centre.

Carl has two further sim races to go - on 19 May and 2 June. Both of these races can be watched live on the Sim Racers World website.  

To keep up to date with the Porsche Club Championship, please visit our dedicated race page which is updated after each race. Carl will be taking part in the next round on the 5 June at Snetterton.