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The New Porsche Fragrance Dispensers


The exclusive Porsche fragrance dispensers are designed to make your Porsche experience even more unique whilst providing a pleasant fragrance inside the car.  

The dispensers are available in the original 911 design in 3 colour variants, as well as having the opportunity to have the dispenser colour coded to match your vehicle.  They are easily attached to the ventilation grille and unfold a pleasant scent through the air flow of your car ventilation.

The fragrance block is removable which gives you the option to change the fragrance to suit your mood.

The three available fragrances are as follows:

  • Nature Spirit – Black coloured 911
  • Blossom Experience – Silver Coloured 911
  • Urban Energy – Dark Silver Coloured 911

Examples of paint matching are shown above and prices start from £12.00.  For further information about the selection of Porsche fragrance dispensers, please visit our Centre to experience them for yourself, or contact our parts team on 0151 373 4899 or by emailing info@porschechester.co.uk