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A journey to France in the Cayenne S Coupé


This summer, Iain Joshua our General Sales Manager at Porsche Centre Chester took a well deserved family holiday which coincided with a few days of driving across France in the Porsche Cayenne S Coupé.

This vehicle is Iain’s everyday car, and in particular after driving it abroad and utilising the vehicle for a family holiday, we wanted to find out which options he would personally recommend to anyone looking to ‘spec’ their next Porsche. 

The Cayenne is the ultimate family car. It provides a high level of luxury, comfort, and comes with a wealth of space too. For those looking for a sportier ride, the Cayenne Coupé has a more striking appearance, and further enhanced performance. Either model is down to personal preference, and when choosing the spec of your next Cayenne or any Porsche for that matter, we wanted to highlight some of the options that Iain found to be necessary, and we hope that you find his experience useful in helping you to make your decisions in the future.

“On a long journey we found the air suspension to be particularly useful.  It came with a number of benefits including the ability to lower the rear of the car which was really helpful when continuously loading and unloading items from the boot, and when driving it made for a sportier drive. There were occasions when we drove through rural areas so being able to raise the suspension was a real benefit.

The keyless system was fantastic when our hands were full from carrying shopping, items from the beach and helping the children. This is an option which can be overlooked but it was something which really stood out for us on this trip.   

The BOSE surround system is superb and acoustically designed to match the car.  It is amazing if you spend a lot of time in the car.

The adaptive cruise control was fantastic in terms of safety and maintaining a safe distance from the car in front. It kept the car in lane and observed the speed limits. It made long distance driving easy and relaxing.

The switchable Sports Exhaust and  Sports Chrono Package were particularly enjoyable and added a new dynamic to the Cayenne S. Paired with the recommended air suspension, the adaptive shock absorbers change the personality of the Porsche as I desired. 

The icing on the cake for ease of use and practically was the LED Matrix lights which automatically switched the headlight beam over to driving on the right whilst maintaining the beam where most appropriate.”

It is important to remember that adding plenty of options to your Porsche will not only improve your driving experience and the car’s everyday usability, but a well ‘specced’ vehicle will retain its value for longer, and will be more desirable to its next owner.

For further information about the Cayenne, or how to ‘best spec’ your next Porsche, please contact a member of our sales team on 0151 373 4899 or by emailing info@porschechester.co.uk  This particular Cayenne S Coupé is also available to test drive, so please enquire if you would like to experience this vehicle for yourself.