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Porsche Centre Chester's Spectacular Art Competition

Porsche Centre Chester's Spectacular Art Competition


Porsche Centre Chester will be cultivating concepts of art, design and innovation throughout the duration of 2023 as the announcement of the innovative Porsche brand ethos, Driven By Dreams, has enabled a remarkable art competition to flourish into fruition here at the Centre, and we are proud to finally reveal details of the unique movement with our customers, budding artists and Porsche enthusiasts.

The exploration of the brand ethos has been excellently encapsulated in a short film through a cutting-edge blend of technology, art and animation, as Porsche has collaborated with Lusion, a pioneering digital creative studio and Wallpaper, a contemporary design publication, surpassing all creative thresholds, thus creating an extraordinary installation. The animation was inspired by the Ferry Porsche dream of a modern sports car, which was the catalyst that inspired the brand; thus, the visualisation depicts the complex physiological journey Ferry went on throughout the creation of the Porsche that started it all, the 356/1. The resulting striking short film represents the power of dreams shared and dreams manifested through braveness and ingenuity and a dynamic creative process.

The Driven by Dreams installation is a bold visualisation of a brand’s identity and ethos unlike anything ever seen before, as it bridges the world of the imagination with the virtual and the physical, illustrating how creativity blossoms into vivid life.

The Centre’s art competition is open to all art enthusiasts. Entrants are invited to send in their abstract interpretations of a Porsche 911, which must be to scale 60cm x 60cm, on canvas board. Any 911 model can be chosen, and it is a chance to show your creativity with design, colour and perspective, moreover, the only limit is your imagination.

This competition is like nothing Porsche Centre Chester has ever done before, and the event is set to be a monumental celebration of the iconic Porsche model, the 911, as we commemorate the 75th-year anniversary of Porsche, as a car manufacturer. There is a plethora of memorable vehicles through the course of the history of Porsche, however not many stand out like the Porsche 911 does, as in all its guises, it’s widely regarded as the pinnacle of the sports car world.

In accordance with our art competition, we are hosting an open evening on the 24 February at the Centre, whereby a number of unique 911-themed pieces of artwork will be on display to inspire those in attendance, moreover, experts from Atelier Galleries will be on hand to further explain the artists' work and provide advice to entrants. The soiree will also an opportunity to showcase the exclusive 2023 Porsche ‘Driven by Dreams’ campaign video, and all of the above will be accompanied by live music and refreshments.

There will be an exhibition and awards ceremony that will take place in June 2023, where chosen candidates will be invited to showcase their work. All the artwork displayed at the exhibition will be available to purchase for £400 per piece, with 80% of the proceeds going to the artist and 20% to the Joshua Tree Charity – a very worthy and heart-warming local charity that offers art therapy to support the families of those affected by childhood cancer.

The winning artist will not only win a £1000 prize but will have their abstract 911 artwork exclusively displayed in the Porsche Centre Chester showroom for six months where it will be available to be purchased by a wide range of Porsche enthusiasts and customers. There will also be a second-place prize of £500 and a third-place prize of £250.

To find out any further information about this exceptional competition or to register your interest please call the Centre on 0151 373 4899 and ask for Sofie Ellicott, or alternatively email  info@porschechester.co.uk