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Porsche Club Championship 2022

Boxster on track

Donington Park - Race 1 and 2

We arrived at Donington Park on Friday morning, with Carl Hazelton, Centre Principal ready and excited to get out in the car for the first time this season. After unloading the car and beginning the preparations, the time soon came for Carl to take to the track for his first test session of the day, starting at 10am.


Donington Park - Race 1 and 2

After the first session ended, the team decided they weren’t happy with how the car was running, and so after a little alteration and some quick thinking, we were able to adjust the necessary components - hopeful that we would improve the handling – and before we knew it, the time came for Carl to take to the track again.

The second test session began and Carl quickly closed the gap between himself and the cars ahead of him. After the test session ended, we swapped out our tyres in the hope of seeing more improvement that afternoon and sure enough it worked!

Later that afternoon, Carl was back on track flying through his last two test sessions in the afternoon. After his final test session of the day, we tucked the car away into garage #24, ready for race day.

Porsche Centre Chester

Donington Park - Race 1 and 2

Saturday morning came and the team were busy about the garage, getting the car prepared for our qualifying round.  Carl donned his racing suit and emerged from the pitlane ready to race. 10 minutes into our qualifier, a yellow flag was raised due to one of Carl’s competitors losing control of their car. Despite this intermission, Carl returned to the track to secure 7th Place.

Come 14:55 the alarm sounded and sure enough, it was time for Carl to head out on his first race of this season. With experience on his side, Carl was able to defend his place during the race and returned to the garage with another 7th Place finish.

Later that evening, as the sun began to set and the weather began to turn, Carl returned to the start line, for his last race of the day. Setting off with slick tyres, the track slowly began to turn treacherous, the rain began to pour and corners of the track that Carl easily careered around earlier in the day turned into watery skidpans. Yet, despite the conditions Carl pushed on, coming to the realisation that stopping to change tyres would sacrifice valuable time. With some of his competitors losing control, Carl was able to expertly manoeuvre the track as if the rain wasn’t a problem, crossing the finish line in 8th place.